Theatre of the Absurd


We reviewed the current site to get a sense of what the new site should be. While retaining some of the same pages, they needed to be cleaned up and consolidated. In order for the site to convey the same message we created a sitemap laying out the new hierarchy, a listed structure of all the pages. Visually we were able to see exactly how the pages fall into place allowing adjustments to be made before we got too far ahead.



We created a blueprint of the site's structure, paying careful attention to the overall message and user experience. This allowed us to see what sections would display on each page, the length of text required for each section, and the approximate image/graphic dimensions necessary. By using InVision, we shared a low-fidelity prototype and began collecting opinions at various stages of the process.



With the wireframes approved, the design came naturally. Achieving an overall clean aesthetic and simple design conveys Schmidt’s visual brand. Implementing consistent styles and elements provides a seamless experience, improving user engagement.



Card-based interaction divide content into meaningful sections, responsively scale and aids for scannability. Quick CTA buttons are available for a swift customer experience. Instant inline-confirmation inform the user on what steps have been successfully completed.